Harness the Power of Sovereign Cloud
Edge Computing and AI in MENA

Revolutionizing Edge Solutions
Rapidly deploy and manage “Galleon” Modular Data Centers; easily monitor your remote IoT device data; and access our marketplace for next-generation AI applications, the building blocks for custom end-to-end edge solutions.
The Edge Advantage

✔ Process massive amounts of data in real-time, enabling rapid decision-making and intelligent automation.

✔ Brings the power of cloud computing directly to your remote or urban locations.

✔ Deploy predictive models and AI algorithms for enhanced operational efficiency, safety, and innovation.

✔ Lower operational costs and increase efficiency.

✔ Enhance security and data sovereignty with localized computing.

Industries Ready to Transform
Oil & Gas: Ensure High-bandwidth connectivity and AI-driven analytics in remote oil fields, optimizing operations and enhancing predictive maintenance capabilities.

Manufacturing: Increase efficiency and reduce costs through predictive maintenance, real-time quality control, and supply chain optimization.

Smart Cities: Create sustainable and efficient urban environments with intelligent traffic management, enhanced public safety, and optimized energy grids.

Healthcare: Improve patient outcomes with remote patient monitoring, AI-powered diagnostics, and secure medical data exchange.

Telecommunications: Accelerate 5G rollout, deliver low-latency connectivity for IoT devices, and enhance the user experience with edge-based content delivery.

Why Galleon is the Superior Edge Solution 

Ruggedized & Self-Contained: Built to withstand harsh environments and deploy rapidly in any location.

Powerful Compute & AI: Equipped for powerful data processing, enabling advanced edge analytics and AI applications.

Scalable & Flexible: Modular design allows for seamless growth and adaptation to your changing needs.

Secure & Sovereign: Offers enhanced data security and control, ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

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