Businesses One-Stop Shop for Cloud Services
A secure and simple guide for businesses to use cloud services in the KSA.
A self-service portal for businesses to access and deploy cloud services from Edarat’s sovereign multi-cloud platform.
A roadmap to managing cloud demand, delivery, and consumption.
Our platform integrates cloud services from leading providers, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware, HPE GreenLake, GCP and more. You can choose the services that suit your business needs and preferences from our catalog.
Secure and Simple Way to Use Cloud Services
Using cloud services from different providers can be challenging and risky. You may face issues such as compatibility, security, compliance, or cost.

EdaratCloud Service Catalog helps you simplify and optimize your cloud management and governance. You can easily provision and orchestrate your cloud resources with our user-friendly interface. You can also monitor and control your cloud usage and performance with our transparent billing and reporting.

EdaratCloud Service Catalog also helps you benefit from our sovereign multi-cloud platform that meets the local policies and regulations in the KSA. You can comply with the data residency and sovereignty requirements in the KSA with our geographically distributed cloud regions. You can also ensure the security and reliability of your cloud services with our fully compliant and certified platform.