Why Edarat Group?

  • We aim to provide strategic IT planning that meets our client’s vision, business objectives, as well as help our customers plan, implement, and manage integrated enterprise-wide ICT and Data Center Facilities infrastructures.
  • Our success is based purely on our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations in helping them achieve their goals. We take great pride in the quality of our work and guarantee tangible results.
  • Our extensive IT experience that started in 2004, taught us that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.
  • We value ourselves on being professionals who maintain a solid code of ethics and never breach the confines of our client’s confidential information.
  • We strongly believe that our reputation in the industry will be maintained by our commitment to deliver quality and time-efficient solutions.
  • Our ability to assemble the best team for a project isn’t constrained by geographic or legal barriers.
  • We treat every business case, every project, and every solution as unique. Our knowledge base, experience, business model, project management approach, and advanced office technology allow us to combine best-of-breed multi-disciplinary design and engineering teams from our network of engineers and certified professionals and assign them to solve complex business cases.


Dr. Abdullah AlGhamdi


Dr. Abdullah AlGhamdi is currently the CEO of MIS and MIS Forward Co. He was previously former Acting Director General of the National Information Center (one of the largest Data Center and IT Solutions/Services Provider at its time) and was Assistance Director General for Technical Affairs. He served in several leadership positions and sponsored & managed several Mega Projects and Programs. Dr. AlGhamdi has held several board memberships.
Dr. AlGhamdi has participated in several International Conferences as a speaker and published over 30 papers in prestigious journals and conferences such as IEEE Transactions and IET Proceedings.
He holds Master and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from King Saudi University (KSU) and a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Swansea University. He has completed several leadership programs, including the High-Performance Leadership Program at IMD Business School.

Erick Baduy

CEO - Board Member

Erick is the Chief Executive Officer and a founding partner of Edarat Group. He guides and supports Edarat’s vision, mission and values and has a proven track record of implementing action plans and achieving results to maximize client operations, profitability and value.
He also works on long-term initiatives to support the company’s future, including the expansion of career development paths for employees, promotion of the Edarat brand, and corporate governance.
Erick makes sure that Edarat Group continues to strive for operational excellence while acting as the ultimate project sponsor for strategic projects holding overall responsibility and ensuring ongoing alignment to business objectives.

Adel Rizk

Vice Chairman - Head of Data Center Division


Adel is a founding partner and the brains behind the leadership of Edarat Group over the last 15 years in the regional Data Center Market, with over 50,000 m2 of built space and 150 MW of power capacity.
He demonstrates resiliency and sound judgment in dealing with business challenges and takes personal accountability for upholding Edarat’s reputation. He is also charged with advancing employee engagement and overseeing all construction-related activities.
Adel holds a Masters of Business Administration degree and is a Data Center certified Engineer, with an Accredited Tier Designer certification (ATD), Accredited Tier Specialist certification (ATS), Business Continuity Institute certification (MBCI), and Project Management Professional certification (PMP).

Mohammed AlSabek

Board Member

Mohammed brings to the group 30+ years of experience in providing strategic management consultancy, vision and leadership to the Group from his career involvements in managing billions of dollars projects in the most challenging environments, by offering his valuable input on the company’s projects during the planning, designing, procurement and contract management phases.
He’s an accomplished leader known and respected for commanding real estate development and innovative information technology services. Mohammed is considered a veteran in governmental affairs, supporting the government by establishing municipal and rural sector plans as well as managing infrastructure projects

Fahad Almoamar

Board Member

Fahad joined the group in 2021 as an independent board member. He has over 15 years of experience working in local and international organizations and is skilled in business and management strategy, crisis management, negotiation, business development, and team building.
Fahad is the Co-founder of Connect Global Strategies and sits on the board of the Saudi Arabian Lacrosse Federation and Moduurn Incorporated, the Canadian mobile ordering business platform. He acted as the Advisor to Deputy Minister of Strategic Planning and Vision Realization office at the Ministry of Civil Services and has most recently served as Media Program Manager at Saudi Telecom Company (STC) by leading the execution of the media expansion strategy. He’s also the Vice-Chairman at SAFE Design Council and Vice President of the MENA region at Llamazoo Inc.

Ghassan Elkhazen

Head of Cloud Transformation & Migration Division


Ghassan is a founding partner and is an accomplished business leader with 20 years of technology services experience and has a proven track record in leading enterprise infrastructure transformation projects in the EMEA region. He is a focused motivational leader, committed to empowering and supporting the IT team to surpass clients’ expectations every day in designing, building and delivering high-tech customer experiences powered by next-generation digital solutions.

Sara Al Moammar

Board Secretary

Sara is responsible for ensuring that Edarat Group remains in compliance with applicable laws, and serves as the official record keeper and advisor to the board members in fulfilling their duties.
She organizes Board meetings and provides the Board with notices of meeting times and places and requests contributions of items for the agenda.
In consultation with the CEO, she prepares agendas along with any supporting documentation and makes sure they are distributed to the members in advance of the meetings

Ghassan Abouammar


Ghassan is a qualified finance professional with over 20 years of experience in financial management, financial planning & analysis, treasury, cost management, designing of business processes & internal audit management.
He is responsible for overseeing the budget across all departments and meeting with members of executives’ committees to determine the viability and cost of different projects.
He is also in charge of directing the company's finances by implementing operational and cash flow improvement programs, financial forecasting, introducing control systems, and enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of financial reporting and cost accounting systems to ensure the company's growth in the short and long run.

Jihad Nehme



Jihad serves as a key member of the executive team, contributing to overall organizational strategies and representing the priorities of the development function.
He is responsible for establishing and executing the organization’s Business Development strategy, which includes: identifying target customers; establishing pricing; managing marketing and sales strategy; and refining Edarat's earned revenue model.
He Oversees the management of existing and new relationships with partners and clients, ensuring their needs are met and they are engaged on a meaningful level Neighborhood Trust. Personally
build relationships that result in support for existing programs and new programs. Jihad also participates in promoting organizational culture that values long-term strategic thinking and high performance.

Mohammed Alnoaimi

Investor Relations Representative

As Investor Relations representative, Mohammed's main function is to maintain investor confidence and belief in the company’s vision and strategy for delivering shareholder value.
He has the responsibility of managing communication between the company’s management and its investors.
He’s also in charge of handling inquiries and preparing meetings and providing feedback and opinions from the investors' community to management about the company's performance, strategy and outlook.

Evelyne Moubarak

Head of HR & Admin


With 15 years experience, Evelyne possesses excellent decision-making, strategic thinking, leadership, interpersonal, and ethical conduct skills, and robust workloads.
She enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.
Evelyne is responsible for the full spectrum of HR / Payroll & Administration and handles the company’s recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes as well as policy management, benefits administration, and the full employee lifecycle.

Tarek Fawaz

Principal Consultant


With over 20 years of experience and 50 projects, Tarek is a veteran of the Data Center industry who has a track record of coming up with new and innovative ways of making large projects work more efficiently. Tarek has a very broad knowledge of all levels of the industry and thrives on building a strong team and strong client relationships. He has extensive experience in handling multiple construction sites and taking full responsibility for the successful management of all activity on site.

Nouf Al Hussein

Human Resources Representative

Nouf assists the HR & Admin Department with complex and specialized administrative tasks including reviewing job applications from prospective employees, managing and overseeing records, and generating reports.
She keeps employee records, ensuring completion and accuracy of details such as employee contact information, job classification, pay rates, organizational structure, and other key details.
She also maintains accurate records of active job openings and received applications and manages job postings.

Mohammad Ammar

Principal Consultant


Mohammad is responsible for leading project initiatives, coordinating resources and staff involvement, providing direction to ensure successful clients migration, transformation, optimization and maintenance. He draws on his comprehensive skills in managing complex projects, establishing priorities, and leveraging technology to meet clients’ tactical and strategic business needs.

Abdullah Bin Muammar

Sales Coordinator

Abdullah is responsible, ambitious, flexible, self-motivated, result oriented and well-organized with excellent communication, negotiating, and closing skills.
He works continuously to achieve maximum sales profitability, growth, and account penetration. He is responsible for generating new sales leads and seeking new business opportunities and channels and manages accounts throughout the entire sales process, and collaborates with team members in business development, consulting and marketing to uncover all customer needs.

Dany Maalouf

Principal Consultant


Dany is an experienced and certified Principal Consultant who is responsible for managing Edarat’s large-scale data center projects across all construction stages, from the evaluation stage to the testing, commissioning, and completion stage. Throughout his distinguished career working for top sector companies, Dany was in charge of the overall construction phases of Data Centers projects with different Tier levels, successfully making sure that all works are being executed as planned and coordinating with all ground teams to make sure that things are running smoothly and efficiently.

Denise Tannoury

Head of PMO


Denise is a goal-oriented project manager who has been with the Group since 2012, and helps make sure things run smoothly with each project. With a proven track record in optimizing the operations and maintenance processes for each project, she offers best practice advice and tools to assist the Team ensures that the work is adhering to the standards and goals set by the client.

Mohammad Al Anzi

Government Affairs Representative

Mohammad acts as a liaison with government agencies to ensure that Company affairs such as transactions & activities are handled expediently and that good relationships are built and maintained with governing authorities.
He acts as a bridge between Edarat's Consultants, Project Managers, Human Resource agents, clients, partners, vendors, and governmental bodies.

Degaulle Outayek

Facility Management Unit Head


DeGaulle is a Lead Consultant who has 20 years of facilities experience in mission critical environments in managing and supervising the operations and maintenance of multiple data centers at the same time. He has strong management and leadership skills and an extensive knowledge of data center critical systems, including electrical and mechanical systems combined with applied experience in operational procedures and safety standards.
Before Joining Edarat in 2015, he had occupied key positions for Internationally renowned companies across different industries, like SNC, Capital Fire & Security, New Town Electric.

Mohammed Al Harthi

Project Specialist

Mohammed is organized and has a proven ability to track and complete deadline-driven projects with outstanding communication skills, interpersonal skills, and the ability to build value-added relationships with individuals at all levels both internally and with clients while providing superior customer service.
Mohammed provides support in project planning and implementation and coordinates day-to-day tasks on multiple projects simultaneously.
His main responsibilities focus on project management details and follow-up actions that maximize project outcomes.