Data Centre relocation can be as a result of IT cost reduction, regulatory requirement, a newer data centre operations strategy, or other legacy data centre environments incapable of hosting modern and dense IT infrastructure.

Among the biggest risks organizations face when relocating a data centre is the relocation of IT systems and applications.

A data centre relocation must be executed without impacting business operations. Given the dynamic operational environment in which today’s data centre operate, wherein applications and data in the production environment is changing consistently and is being replicated to a remote disaster recovery facility on a regular basis, it becomes even more important to look at all facets of the IT environment and carefully carve the data center relocation strategy. The bottom line consideration for a good relocation strategy is near-zero disruption of business services.

Since 2004, Edarat Group has successfully relocated hundreds of data centers across the Middle East and Gulf regions. Our Engineers are trained and have years of experience in delivering relocation projects following a proven methodology.
Through these many migration and consolidation projects Edarat Group has recognized the following key elements to every successful relocation with this 4 stage methodology:


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