Edarat Group Facility Management Services set up a rough Management Program that controls regular Data Center Operations. The Facility Management services convey a strategic approach to ensure availability, security and long term performance objectives. Our consultants are experts in Data Center Facilities infrastructure technologies. They have experience working with a wide variety of software such as CMMS and DCiM. With our structured methodology, we ensure that the right system is selected and that the organization is prepared to meet the demands of the IT function.

The end objective will be to deliver a comprehensive data center FM Program that will cover the following aspects of the Facility Management:
  • Staffing Plan (Organizational Chart, Staff qualifications, Job Descriptions, Shift presence, In-Source or Out-source determinations…)
  • Training Framework (Equipment Specific Vendor Training, Training on Operation of overall Site Configurations, Policies and Procedures Training)
  • Preventive Maintenance Program (PM Calendar, Predictive, Reactive and Corrective Maintenance, Critical Spares, SLAs)
  • Standard, Emergency and Maintenance Operating Procedures (SOPs, EOPs, and MoPs)
  • Computer Room Change and Capacity Management (Space/Power/Cooling/Connectivity)
  • Operating Conditions and Energy Management


  • Minimizing downtime resulting from human errors,
  • Improving facility team performance and career objectives,
  • Keeping and maintaining equipment in a like-new condition,
  • Identifying problems and equipment failures before they occur,
  • Enhancing Facility Management Team and Vendors’ response to unplanned events,
  • Improving planning, coordination, and management of IT and data center infrastructure assets


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