Edarat Group comprehensive Data Center Facility Assessment services provide insight into the facility space, power, and cooling installed, utilized, and available (free) capacities, level of redundancy, site conditions, risk exposure, and single-point-of failures through a rigorous on-site physical inspection using the latest tools and techniques.

At the end of the Assessment a report will be provided based on:
  • Details the Current State of your data center infrastructure including physical security and fire protection
  • Benchmark to Uptime Institute Tier Topology and Operational Sustainability Standards, TIA -942 and BiCSI/ANSI standards and provide a GAP Analysis
  • Recommendations on how to close the gaps in order¬† to align your data center with your stated business and IT objectives
A detailed examination of the physical data centre covers:
  • The site itself, its location and any related risk exposure to Natural, Man-Made, Environmental, and Technological hazards
  • Condition of the building structure
  • Computer room environment, size and layout
  • Computer hardware, high level observation of computer technologies, structured cabling and racks
  • Power and Cooling infrastructure capacity, redundancy and resiliency
  • Mechanical and Electrical efficiency (PUE, WUE, CUE)
  • Security arrangements for video intrusion detection, surveillance, and site access (personnel, visitors, vendors, and material)
  • Fire detection and protection efficacy
  • Operation and Maintenance effectiveness


Implementing Edarat Group recommendations could:
  • Raise your data center’s capability and performance in line with business requirements
  • Contribute to operational cost savings
  • Help you improve data center resiliency and reduce risk of downtime
  • Support your data center vision and strategy
  • Help you prepare for future change or site relocation
  • Assist in preparations for external audits of regulatory compliance


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