Based on their vast experience in data center and technology infrastructure design, Edarat Group consultants are ideally suited to assist and advice throughout the design process. Edarat Group consultants look at the services to be delivered, the technologies to be supported, their intended application, and the physical environment to develop an optimal overall design. Edarat Group employs the brightest IT professionals, multidisciplinary engineers and architects to develop innovative and integrated designs. All our staff are trained and experienced professionals who are certified from the most renowned engineering associations and groups around the globe, and most importantly who understand the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the data center facility infrastructure.

Our customized ISO 9001-2015 certified design process allow Edarat Group Architects and Engineers to deliver a methodical approach from the development of the Program Specifications document until the finalization of the Detailed Design and issuance of Tender documents, creating a unique collaboration approach with our clients and ensuring that their business needs are being addressed at all times without any compromise.


Involving Edarat Group in the design will guarantee the following:

  • Design shall meet the highest international standards such as Uptime Institute, ASHRAE, LEED and NFPA among others,
  • Design is cost effective and unbiased to any technology provider or OEM,
  • Design is integrated and seamlessly coordinated using latest BIM software,
  • Design whether redundant, concurrently maintainable, or fault tolerant, include detailed sequence of operations,
  • Design is taking into considerations all the operation and maintenance intricacies,
  • Tender documents are well packaged and consistent across drawings, specifications, and bill of quantities.


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