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Edarat Group brings unmatched experience
and knowledge in the earliest stages of
critical facility design

Whether evaluating a piece of land, a building acquisition or a leased space, Edarat Group consultants will evaluate and validate the utilities availability (Fiber, Power, Water, and Fuel), structural compatibility, space planning and entitlement requirements.

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Edarat Group consultants are ideally suited
to assist and advice throughout
the Design process

Edarat Group consultants look at the services to be delivered, the technologies to be supported, their intended application, and the physical environment to develop an optimal overall design.

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Ensure that the environment is ready to
accommodate the technology components.

Make sure that all components and systems are properly setup and functioning.

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Data Centre Transformation is about having
an infrastructure that is responsive,
agile sustainable and automated

Our Data Centre Transformation Program is built on a successfully proven five phases approach methodology

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Hundreds of Data Centre Relocation

Data Centre Relocation can be as a result of IT cost reduction, regulatory requirement, a newer data centre operations strategy, or other legacy data centre environments incapable of hosting modern and dense IT infrastructure.

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Keep your business going

Edarat Group Disaster Recovery Planning services provide organizations confidence in their ability to resume IT operations within a reasonable time frame following a disaster.

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Ensure business continuity with Edarat Group
Cloud Disaster Recovery

Edarat Group Cloud Disaster Recovery Service (CDR) is a cloud-based managed service to help customers quickly recover their organization's critical systems after a disaster.

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Edarat Group harnesses the power of technology to drive innovation, deliver cutting- edge solutions and increase productivity.
  • Vendor independent
  • Laser focused Data Centre Infrastructure ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Personalized and great customer service
  • Trusted clients relationship
  • Delivering cutting edge solutions
  • Unique experience in advanced technologies


We provide a variety of services that help your company grow.


We help customers, solve their most pressing business and IT problems.


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